Critical Illness Cover

This policy is designed to provide protection in the event of diagnosis of one of a range of specified illnesses or conditions. In such an event it will provide a lump sum. This could be to protect either the repayment of a mortgage loan and/or other financial liabilities or commitments.
There may be a deferred or waiting period before any benefits are payable and there may also be specific exclusions.

The term will be agreed at the outset for a specific term, up to a maximum age, when cover will cease.
The premiums can be level or set up for an initial period then reviewable after a set period e.g. 5 yearly intervals.

The policy document(s) contains explanations of the terms, conditions and definition of medical conditions) and is/are a legal document.  It/they should be checked for accuracy and if there is anything that you do not understand ensure that you ask for further guidance.
Under current legislation, these amounts are payable tax-free.


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